How it works
Infrared sensors detect your hands and minimise energy loss by eliminating detection errors. Biodriers use touch-free activation technology, ensuring maximum hygiene and minimum contamination. Most of our dryers use an air filtration system, so that clean air is used to dry the hands. Some dryers also use exclusive Biodrier Gels which have an Organic Ocean Breeze fragrance that provides an incredibly refreshing experience for the user.

Reduce your carbon footprint
Biodrier hand dryers reduce the time it takes to dry your hands, using much less energy when compared to a conventional dryer. By reducing the amount of energy used in a day you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Infrared sensors
A conventional hand dryer usually has only one sensor.  This will often fail to detect when a hand is placed ready for drying, however some of our models have three infrared sensors.  These sensors detect your hands from three different directions simultaneously, reducing the chance of errors. This means it only operates when required, reducing the cost of operation and saving you money.

Advanced burn proof plastics
The exterior is made from burn proof ABS plastic which is also both hard-wearing and resistant. It protects you and your property from bacteria and viruses with a microban coating.

A Noise Absorption Module (NAM) minimises noise by absorbing air friction and mechanical sounds. The reduced noise level makes the unit more enjoyable to use and less of a distraction, helping to reduce stress in the workplace.

Biodrier technology can be summarised as time saving, cost saving, hygienic and beautifully designed.  Our clever little idea will not only make your life more convenient, cleaner and safer, but protect the environment too.

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