Biodrier Business

Brush-less motor

The Biodrier Business is based on a simple yet powerful idea – Using the heat from its own motor to provide the warm air used to dry the user’s hands.

The brush-less motor saves energy as it consumes only 850 watts of power. This means it uses much less power than conventional hot air hand dryers, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

How to use
To use the Biodrier Business, simply pop your hands in and three infrared sensors commence the warm air. The Biodrier Business supplies gentle, but powerful gusts of high-speed air to both sides of the hands.

The facts
The Biodrier Business uses a high speed brush-less motor to create a jet airflow that will dry your hands within 10 seconds. It also adopts CPU control technology with a wide LCD display. A timer on the LCD screen counts down the time to dry your hands and will stop automatically at the end. It is unbelievably quiet and it produces a natural air fresh aroma that is both refreshing and relaxing. The design of the Biodrier Business is ergonomic, stylish and elegant in its finish.

Benefits to the environment
The Biodrier Business is better for the environment thanks to its power saving technology, consuming only 1/7 of power compared to conventional dryers. It uses the heat from its own motor to produce the warm air need for drying hands.

Moving beyond paper towels
Paper towels are wasteful and old-fashioned. They create waste that litters the washroom and their production creates poisonous materials such as dioxins. With the Biodrier Business there is no need for paper towels to dispose of and its three LED sensors ensure it only activates when actually needed.


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