Executive Business Business² GWave 3D Smart Dry Biolite Eco Biobot
  • Powerful Energy Saving

    The Biodrier BioLite was chosen independently by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and installed in their London offices for being the most cost effective and energy efficient way to dry your hands.


    Tested, chosen & used by the Department of Energy and Climate Change for being the most cost effective and energy efficient hand dryer.


    Heater Control

    The Biodrier BioLite gives you the option to have the heater element turned on or off. This is ideal for when the ambient air temperature is low and you want the comfort of warm air. When the heater is not needed, it can be switched off to save even more energy and money.




    Cool Design

    When the BioLite is activated, Cool Blue LED lights guide the user to the airflow. The sleek modern design and compact size of this hand dryer make it ideal for most washrooms, especially those that have minimal space.


  • Item Category Performance data
    Operating voltage 220-240Vac, 50 Hz
    Air speed 64 m/s (140m³/h)
    Motor type 650W adjustable brush type
    Heater element 250W thermal protected
    Rating power 650W (heater off), 900W (heater on)
    Drying time Under 10 seconds
    Circuit operation Infrared automatic, self adjusting
    Timing protection 60 seconds auto shut off
    Drip proof IP22
    Isolation Class I
    Net weight 4kg
    Shipping weight 5kg
    Unit size W 240 x H 268 x D 176mm
    Finish Die cast aluminium; white/silver/chrome
    Decibel rating 76 dba @ 1 mtr
    Approvals CE, WEEE, Greenspec-logo
    Packaging Box Dimensions: H 213 x W 305 x D 277mm

    Biolite Box - 3d-01

  • Biodrier BioLite Manual

    Biodrier BioLite Leaflet

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    Full Biodrier Brochure

    Biodrier Biolite CAD files


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