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Warms the air by cooling the motor
Unlike most other hand dryers, the Biodrier Business generates warm air without a heater. This is achieved by using a compulsive air-cooling system. The heat is taken from its motor, saving energy and money.

The Biodrier Business adopts a high-speed brush-less motor to produce a jet and bidirectional airflow. The jet air speed reaches up to 120m/s which results in it only taking up to 10 seconds to dry your hands.

3 infrared sensors
A conventional hand dryer usually has only one sensor and will often fail to detect when a hand is placed ready for drying.  The Biodrier Business has been fitted with three infrared sensors.  The sensors detect your hand from three different directions simultaneously, only working when required.

Biodrier Business motor
By utilising a revolutionary new high speed brush-less motor, the life of the Biodrier Business is almost infinite!  Long-term this will save users money in consumption and future maintenance costs.

Biodrier Business technical specifications

Item category Performance data
Operating voltage
Air speed
Motor type
Rated power
Drying time
Circuit operation
Timing protection
Drip proof
Net weight
Shipping weight
Unit size
Decibel rating
220–240 V 50Hz
95 m/s (217m3/h)
ICP Brush-less motor
LCD Instruction + countdown
850 watts
Under 10 seconds
Infrared automatic, self adjusting
30 seconds auto shut off
Class I
292 x 650 x 250 mm
White/Silver (ABS)
75 dBA @ mtr

Advanced safety features

The Biodrier Business is packed with safety features – So you can offer the unit to your clients in the knowledge that you will be providing a solution that is reliable, safe and effective:

  • A timer automatically shuts the drier off after a set period.
  • A temperature sensor stops the motor at temperatures over 70C.
  • The unit has a self-diagnosis function which monitors and reduces errors.
  • A power monitoring circuit shuts off the unit if power input surges above or below 20%. The unit then notifies you using an LED display.

Service and maintenance

Fitting, servicing and maintenance of the Biodrier Business is extremely easy, making sure your clients are left happy.
It can be cleaned with a soft towel and warm water, with a little detergent if required.

Simple maintenance
The Biodrier Business has a simple, removable drip tray, which collects any surplus water and eliminates water dripping onto the floor.

To download the Biodrier Business manual click here.





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