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  • Our Most Popular Dryer!

    The Biodrier Eco is ideal for use in small washrooms where you still want efficiency and drying power. The Eco dries hands in under 10 seconds, is very hygienic, efficient and won’t break your budget.

    It is quieter than a lot of other high speed hand dryers, which can make it suitable for more sensitive areas. We have even used it as the base for our Biobot Children’s Hand Dryer!



    Our most popular hand dryer


    Better For The Environment

    All Biodriers use 90% less energy than conventional hot air hand dryers. The Eco’s vital statistics make it an obvious choice for
    facilities and purchasing managers looking for a cost-effective long term solution.


    Durable & Low Maintenance

    Similar to the BioLite, the Biodrier Eco is made from strong die cast aluminium making it a very durable hand dryer. It also requires very little maintenance. A quick clean of the outer casing with a damp cloth is all you need, making it a great choice for busy workplaces, businesses and public areas.

    Biobot_Bot1The Finishing Touch

    Produced in three beautiful colours and with a sleek modern design, the Biodrier Eco adds the finishing touch to any washroom.

  • Item Category Performance data
    Operating voltage 220-240Vac, 50 Hz
    Air speed 64 m/s (140m³/h)
    Motor type 650W adjustable brush type
    Heater element 250W thermal protected
    Rating power 900W
    Drying time Under 10 seconds
    Circuit operation Infrared automatic, self adjusting
    Timing protection 60 seconds auto shut off
    Drip proof IP22
    Isolation Class I
    Net weight 4.5kg
    Shipping weight 5kg
    Unit size W 280 x H 300 x D 175mm
    Finish Die cast aluminium; white/silver/chrome
    Decibel rating 76 dba @ 1 mtr
    Approvals CE, WEEE, Greenspec-logo
    Packaging Box Dimensions: H 210 x L 350 x D 310mm 

    Biodrier eco 3d box-01

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