Biodrier Update – From Mike Hentschel

How is Biodrier doing in the UK market at the moment?

Biodrier is becoming increasingly more dominant in the hand dryer market and we consider ourselves to be the only real alternative to Dyson and Warner Howard. We began manufacturing hand dryers in the South West of England over 35 years ago, now manufacturing in the far east we have used our expertise to produce a superior more energy efficient hand dryer range.

In the UK we see ourselves as number one in terms of quality of product, price and after sales service. Currently we produce in excess of 30,000 units a year, that’s 30% up on last year. Working with a selected group of online sellers, electrical wholesalers and washroom companies the Biodrier Brand offers not only the best product at the best prices but the best support for distributors to help them grow their business.

We also OEM for a number of well-known established companies and household names in the UK and Europe.

Are Biodrier particularly popular in a specific market sector?

Public sector: we dominate in the public sector helped by a long (15 years plus) relationship with many local authorities: Exeter City Council, Plymouth City Council, Coventry City Council, Gloucester Council, Wadsworth Council, Ribble Valley Borough Council to name a few. Also within schools we seem to do well, the Biobot is the only hand dryer designed for schools, the others simply put a colourful sticker on a hand dryer. With the Biobot we  increase the awareness of hand hygiene by making it a fun hand dryer. With every Biobot purchased we supply paper cut-outs for the children to play with and educate them in hand hygiene.

National Health Trusts: This is a big brag!! We are the nominated warm air hand dryer supplier for: Dorset NHS Trust, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, and South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLaM). The big selling point is that NHS trusts would not specify us unless they believed that our hand dryers met their hygiene requirements, need I say more?

Food Industry: We have our hand dryers, the Biodrier Executive in particular, in many food factories across the country and even though these are not large volume sales, the fact that we are there is testament to the hygiene qualities of the Executive.

Across the UK we are honoured to be able to quote as just a few exceptional end users of Biodrier:
  • Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • South London and Maudsley NHS Trust
  • BOC
  • Coventry City Council
  • Open University
  • Walsall College
  • Bristol Airport
  • The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital
  • Exeter City Council
  • Somerset County Council
  • Derriford Hospital – Plymouth
  • Mid Devon Council
  • Easyjet
  • Volkswagen Audi
  • Universities: Huddersfield and Sheffield
  • LA Fitness
  • Cardiff City Council

The Department of Energy and Climate Change trialled a number of hand dryers before they realised that Biodrier was the best of the best and had them installed in the head office.

Biodrier have a very broad range, but which is the most popular?

75% of Biodrier sales are Biolite and ECO with the Biolite taking over as the first choice when considering a hands under energy efficient hand dryer. The Executive and Business are evenly matched, the Executive being more popular where hygiene is crucial and the Business2 for high volume use areas.

What do people like about the Biodrier range?

This is different for each customer dependent on their requirements so I will need to generalise a bit:

Executive – First impressions are always important and with the Executive this always wins hands down (or hands in excuse the pun) with its looks, then the hygiene features are key along with the warning indicators for the filter change and water tray over flow. They love the moisturising gel and fragrance.

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Business – Without doubt the brushless motor is important as most people know that this will give them years of untroubled use.

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ECO and Biolite – These are now well known across the country as they gain volume sales. The big differentiator is the noise level as it is noticeably quieter than the nearest rival.


From a distributor point of view we have a better range compared to any other supplier. We offer Blade type dryers and hands under dryers. I can’t think of a manufacturer / supplier that offers such a complete range. Dyson have the blade and the V but it doesn’t have an energy efficient hands-under dryer. Warner Howard doesn’t have a blade type dryer but a good hands-under, so as a manufacturer goes we have the most complete range. Factor in the new 3D Smart Dry and we have it all!

Executive Business Business² GWave 3D Smart Dry Biolite Eco Biobot

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Our First Biobot Review!


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Direct UK Deals Ltd

Biobot – Biodrier’s New Baby With the advances of technology in the hand dryer market it is now widely accepted that the use of hand dryers in wash rooms is more cost effective, more hygienic and more environmentally friendly than the use of paper towels.

However, in primary schools, nurseries and other settings where there are young children, the installation of hand dryers has not been so straight forward. Young children can be sensitive to noise and are frightened to use hand dryers for this reason. The result of this has been that many schools have invested in hand dryers but they have turned out to be a complete waste of money because the children won’t use them.

Thanks to the latest hand dryer from Biodrier, one of the leaders in the environmentally friendly hand drier market, this has all changed. The new Biobot is a cute, child friendly hand dryer designed to look like a robot, which provides a fun way of introducing children to drying their hands. With a decibel rating of just 70dba@1m (that’s a good deal quieter than most hand dryers on the market today) this delightful little character, far from frightening young children will entice them to come and play!

The Biobot has large engaging eyes, a cute little smile and a colourful back drop which is used to illustrate the rest of the Biobot’s body. The back drop comes in a choice of two appealing designs, both of which convey the environmentally friendly message, and double as a splash back for easy cleaning.

Consuming just 10% of the energy used by a conventional hand dryer, and with a whopping 98.5% financial running-cost saving over using paper towels the Biobot is better for the environment than many of its competitors and saves you money too.

The Biobot come with an unlimited number of Biobot cut outs, for children ‘to make their very own Biobot’. These templates can be used in educational settings to teach, in a fun way, the importance of Biobot and other energy efficient products.

All in all this is a clever addition to the growing Biodrier product range which fills a gap in the market. We will be blogging more about this innovative new product in the coming weeks and meanwhile you can see the full Biodrier Biobot specification by clicking here.

Biobot – first look!



Here’s the first look at how the Biobot will look once it’s installed, with the hand dryer making up the head of the Biobot. Coming to a school near you!

Eco-Schools Show 2012

Our exhibition at the Eco-Schools Show in Sheffield was a great success this year, and we really enjoyed the fantastic performances put on by the school children, especially the Eco fashion show!

This was the first time our Biobot came out to meet the public, and as you can see from the pictures he caused quite a stir!

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life




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