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Biodrier Biobot 2

Friendly, Silent & Tough
- Ideal for school environments

Encourages children to wash and thoroughly dry their hands much more regularly.

Friendly & Silent

An advanced hand drying solution that’s not only sleek in design but also remarkably quiet, ensuring it doesn’t scare children. Biobot 2 maintains high performance without compromising on aesthetics. Built with the energy efficiency of the 3D Smart Dry, it offers fantastic savings compared to hand towels or traditional hot air dryers. And with its quiet operation, it outperforms many other high-speed hand dryers on the market.

Tough & Long Lasting

An ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and sturdy hand dryer with minimal maintenance requirements. Its robust stainless steel casing ensures durability, making it perfect for high-traffic children restrooms. Powered by a long-lasting, high-speed brushless motor, the Biodrier Biobot 2 offers virtually infinite operational life!

HEPA 13 filter

HEPA filtration will remove 99.97% air particles for germ free air.

Intelligent Heating

Ensure both cost and energy savings without sacrificing comfort. The Biobot 2 intelligently adapts its heater based on the surrounding air temperature, providing a comfortable hand drying experience in colder conditions while optimizing energy usage and reducing costs in warmer weather.

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