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Biodrier Business

Ultra High Speed Hands-in Hand Dryer
– Faster, Smarter & More Energy Efficient

See full description below or Biodrier Brochure for more details

Heat Recovery Motor System

The Biodrier Business is based on a simple yet powerful idea – using the heat from its own motor to provide the warm air used to dry your hands. This is just one of the many features of this dryer which drastically saves energy when compared to a traditional hand dryer.

Accurate Hand Detection

The Biodrier Business uses three infrared sensors to detect hands, eliminating false or delayed hand detection, so drying is started exactly when needed. No contact is needed to activate the unit which reduces bacteria transfer.

Intelligent CPU

The Biodrier Business is installed with a CPU that is controlled with an LCD display. It counts down the time it takes to dry your hands, and notifies you if there are any issues (i.e. if the dryer has shut down due to a power surge).


Like all our ‘hands in’ dryers, the Biodrier Business has an internal drip tray that collects water as it is blown off the hands. Because of this your washroom and the dryer stays clean and safe. Air is passed through an antibacterial filter whilst it dries the hands, making this dryer even more hygienic.

Biodrier Antibacterial Filter

The Anti Bacterial Filter is fitted to ensure dust and airborne bacterias are restricted from entering the internal components and airflow of the dryer. The filter should be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on usage.

Brushless Motor

By utilising a revolutionary new high speed brush-less motor, the life of the Biodrier Business is almost infinite! Long-term this will save users money in consumption and future maintenance costs. The motor also saves energy as it consumes only 850 watts of power, which is a lot less than a conventional dryer.

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