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Biodrier 3D Smart Dry Plus

Intelligent Temperature adjustment

When drying, the air will be filtered by a HEPA filter screen, sterilised by a UV lamp and then by a photocatalyst to produce clean and fresh air. After finishing the drying process, the hand dryer will automatically sterilize the air from the environment with low noise (55dB) and low power (11W) to create a comfortable and safe environment for you, your employees and customers.

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HEPA Filter + UV Rays + Photocatalyst

For unrivalled air purification


1st Layer

Primary filter screen can filter the large particles and hair which are floating in the air.

2nd Layer

Active carbon will absorb impurities and microorganisms from the air.

3rd Layer

The particular wavelength of ultraviolet ray will irradiate the airflow to destroy microorganism’s DNA structure and eliminate the pathogenic bacterium.

4th Layer

The nanometer photocatalyst (TiO2) will be activated by UV rays and produce oxyhydrogen free radical (OH-) to decompose the structure of hazardous substance for restraining the grow and activity of microorganism. Therefore the 3D Smart Dry Plus hand dryer is able to complete sterilizing, air-purifying, deodorizing and remove air pollution at once.

Intelligent Heating

Save money and energy while not compromising on comfort. The 3D Smart Dry Plus automatically adjusts the heater depending on the ambient temperature of the air surrounding the dryer. This means that in cold temperatures you have a comfortable hand drying experience and in the warmer weather you can reduce your energy consumption and save money.

Tough & Long Lasting

The 3D Smart Dry Plus is ideal if you want a hard working and tough dryer that requires only minimal maintenance. The cover is constructed from a durable, heavy duty stainless steel casing that makes it ideal for use in public or busy washrooms. Powered with a long lasting, high speed, brushless motor the life of the Biodrier 3D Smart Dry Plus is almost infinite!

Compact Design

Redesigned to take up less room without compromising on performance. The updated shape will fit in with any modern washroom.

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