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    New Biodrier Executive – New Features!


    Brushless motor – long lasting and energy efficient.
    Optional Antibacterial UV – eradicates offensive odour, bacteria, mould and viruses.
    Optional Intelligent Motor Diagnosis – Gives feedback on time and when planned maintenance needs to be carried out.

    See full description below or Biodrier Brochure for more details


    Intelligent Design

    The Biodrier Executive is packed with features that make it our most sophisticated dryer yet. Its contemporary design and four colour choices will add a high quality finish to any executive washroom.

    The LED display on top of the dryer counts down the hand drying time and indicates when the drip tray and HEPA filter need to be changed. This is a simple process that does not need a technician, unlike some of our competitors’ products.

    Accurate Detection

    The Biodrier Executive detects hands with accuracy. It uses three infrared sensors, eliminating false or delayed hand detection, starting drying exactly when needed. No contact is needed to activate the unit which reduces bacteria transfer.

    Minimises Noise

    A Noise Absorption Module inside the unit minimises air friction and mechanical sounds from the motor. This plays a large part in keeping the overall noise of the unit down. On top of this the two stage motor allows you to reduce the noise level even further, down to just 58dba @ 1mtr

    Heat Recovery Motor System

    The Biodrier Executive is based on a simple yet powerful idea – using the heat from its own motor to provide the warm air used to dry your hands. This is just one of the many features of this dryer which drastically saves energy when compared to a traditional hand dryer.




    Super High Speed Drying

    The Biodrier Executive uses two jets of air to remove water from the hands, one for the top and one for the bottom. This dries the hands in under 10 seconds, which is significantly less time than a conventional dryer.


    New Feature – Brushless Motor

    By utilising a revolutionary new high speed brush-less motor, the life of the Biodrier Executive is almost infinite! Long-term this will save users money in consumption and future maintenance costs. The motor also saves energy as it consumes only 700 watts of power, which is a lot less than a conventional dryer



    Filtered Air

    The Biodrier Executive filters air through a triple HEPA Grade 13 filter. This removes 99.9% of all airborne particles and makes sure your hands are dried with clean, germ free air.
    The hygienic filter system consists of a pre-filter, an antibacterial filter and HEPA filter. These protect against bacteria and help combat viruses such as the corona and influenza viruses.

    Antibacterial UV – Optional Extra

    Transforming the washroom environment by eradicating all offensive odours, eliminating bacteria, and controlling infection.

    Gel Block

    As well as being filtered, the air is infused with our exclusive Gel Blocks to freshen the surrounding air of the room.


    Drip Tray

    Water which is blown off the hands has to go somewhere. With the Biodrier Executive the water is collected in a drip tray. The drip tray has an intelligent sensor which informs you when it needs to be emptied.

    Outer Shell

    Made from advanced ABS plastics this dryer is hard wearing, burn proof, rust proof, and has an Ionpure® anti-microbial coating.


    Intelligent Motor Diagnosis

    By simply pointing the hand set at the dryer the Diagnostic Reader will be able to tell you:

    1. How many operations the dryer has preformed

    2. When the filters should be replaced
    (ideal for planned maintenance)

    3. Total run time

    4. How many people have used the dryer (Ideal for auditing foot flow)



    Advanced Safety Features

    The Biodrier Executive is packed with safety features – So you can offer the unit to your clients in the knowledge that you will be providing a solution that is reliable, safe and effective:

    • A timer automatically shuts the dryer off after a set period.

    • A temperature sensor stops the motor at temperatures over 70°C.

    • The ESC (Electric Shock Free Circuit) senses humidity inside the unit and shuts off the power when required.

    • The unit has a self-diagnosis function which monitors and reduces errors.

    • The unit automatically switches off after 23,000 cycles if the filter is not replaced. This protects the motor from damage.


    A simple sliding lock system for the filter and drip tray keep prevents tampering with the dryer.


  • Biodrier Gel Blocks


    These gels are designed for use within the Biodrier Executive, Business and Biodrier Business 2 Blade hand dryers. Designed as odour neutralisers, these gels deodorise the washroom and generate a pleasant fragrance when the hand dryer is in use.

    Each pack contains four gel blocks, with each block lasting 3 months.


  • What Is A HEPA Filter?

    HEPA = High-Efficiency Particulate Air
    HEPA filters work by forcing air through a fine mesh which traps harmful particles. They are used in a huge range of applications from filtering the recirculated air in planes to protecting doctors working with contagious patients. HEPA filters are a great help to anyone suffering with allergies or asthma as they filter pollen, smoke, dust mites etc. and are regularly found in appliances around the home. We use HEPA filters in our hand dryers because they filter bacteria and viruses from the air which is then used to dry your hands, ensuring your hands stay clean and hygienic.

    Biodrier Executive HEPA 13 Filter

    The Anti Bacterial Filter is fitted to ensure dust and airborne bacteria is restricted from entering the internal components and airflow of the dryer. The filter should be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on usage.




  • Fitting & Maintenance

    Fitting, servicing and maintenance of the Biodrier Executive is extremely easy, saving you time and money and keeping your clients happy too.

    Maintenance is easy. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a mild, non abrasive cleaning solution. The Biodrier Executive comes with an air filter and aroma pack, both of which are simple to replace. The display panel will tell you when they are ready to be renewed.

    Display Panel

    The Biodrier Executive will let you know when the filter needs to be replaced or the water tank needs to be emptied:

    In operation: In operation: Water tank full: Change filter:
    Executive_Display_Smile Executive_Display_Run Executive_Display_Tank Executive_Display_Filter

    More Information

    For full details on Installation, Servicing and Maintenance please download our Biodrier Executive Manual



    Item Category Performance
    Operating Voltage 220-240Vac, 50-60 Hz
    Air Speed 155 m/s @1000 Watts
    Motor Type 30000 rpm, 2 speed adjustable brushless motor
    Motor Thermal Protection Auto Reseting Thermostat – turns unit off, 240V at 239°F (115°C)
    Rating Power 700W – 1000W
    Display Instructions and countdown
    Drying Time Under 10 seconds
    Circuit operation Infrared automatic, self adjusting
    Timing Protection 20 seconds auto shut off
    Drip Proof IP33
    Isolation Class II
    Water Tank LED indicator when tank is full
    Filter Sensor LED indicator when filter needs to be changed
    Air Filter Antibacterial H13 HEPA filter
    Air Freshener Organic ocean breeze fragrance
    Sterilization Antibacterial UV – OPTIONAL
    Diagnostics Remote control check system – OPTIONAL
    Water Tank & Filter Security Sliding lock system, lock both with one touch
    Net Weight 9kg
    Shipping Weight 10kg
    Unit Size W 330 x H 670 x D 230mm
    Finish Fireproof ABS, 94V0, PMMA, UV Coated
    Decibel Rating  58-80 dba @ 1 mtr
    Approvals CE, WEEE, GS, ETL, ROHS2, HACCP,Greenspec-logo
    Packaging Box Dimensions: H 310 x L 725 x D 410mm

    Biodrier executive box 3d-01




    Biodrier Executive BE1000 Manual

    Biodrier Executive BBE1000 Manual

    Biodrier Executive Installation Template

    Biodrier Executive Leaflet

    Full Biodrier Brochure

    Biodrier Executive Cleaning Instructions

    Biodrier Executive Images

    Biodrier Executive CAD files






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