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The Biodrier 3D Smart Dry Series 1 (Discontinued)

The 3D Smart Dry is a fantastic addition to our range. Featuring very high specifications, unbeatable energy efficiency and superb durability. This is the first hand dryer to automatically adjust to the surrounding ambient air temperature, so you get comfortable, warm air in the winter and energy savings in the summer.



Warm air in the winter – energy savings in the summer!


Intelligent Heating

Save money and energy while not compromising on comfort. The 3D Smart Dry automatically adjusts the heater depending on the ambient temperature of the air surrounding the dryer. This means that in cold temperatures you have a comfortable hand drying experience and in the warmer weather you can reduce your energy consumption and save money.

Ambient Room
Heater PowerTotal Power

3D Drying

Air jets from three different angles surround your hands and ensure they are dried evenly and quickly. Because the air speed is so high it dries your hands in under 10 seconds. This faster hand drying time means even more energy and money saved.


Hygienic Filters

This is the latest model of the Biodrier hand dryer range which includes an easy to change Antibacterial Filtration System for the safe and clean delivery of air. The filter cartridge is easy to replace and can be completed by the user without the need to call out a technician.

Tough & Long Lasting

The 3D Smart Dry is ideal if you want a hard working and tough dryer that requires only minimal maintenance. The case is constructed from a durable, heavy duty die cast aluminium moulding that makes it ideal for use in public or busy washrooms. Powered with a long lasting, high speed, brushless motor the life of the Biodrier 3D Smart Dry is almost infinite!




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