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Executive Business Business² GWave 3D Smart Dry Biolite Eco Biobot
  • Compact Contemporary Design

    The new Biodrier G-Wave squeezes a lot of power into its compact design. It has a high powered motor with adjustable speeds, super fast air jets and a unique no mess design. Biodrier_GWave_Colours

    No Mess – Water is collected and contained

    Unlike most other hands under dryers the G-Wave has a water tank which stores any excess water blown from the hands, keeping washrooms clean and dry. The water tank also has an intelligent sensor that informs you when it needs to be emptied.

    Biodrier_GWave_MirrorAnti Bacterial Filter

    The Grade 13 HEPA air filtration system removes dust and bacteria, delivering pure clean air to the hands.

    No Fuss Maintenance

    LEDs on the front of the machine will let you know when the machine needs either the filter replacing or the water tank emptying. Unlike some other hand dryers, Biodrier filters are easily changed by you and the G-Wave filter lasts for up to 50,000 uses!

    The GWave filter last for up to 50,000 uses!


    Easy To Control, With Adjustable Noise Level

    The Biodrier G-Wave has two speed settings giving you greater control over noise levels, which allows you to save even more energy!  

    Low speed: 700 Watts – 58dba | High speed: 1200 Watts – 80dba



    Customise your dryer to promote, advertise or brand your washroom. Contact us to find out more. Biodrier_GWave_Design
  • Biodrier Gel Blocks For The Executive, Business 2 And G-Wave

    Biobot_GelThe exclusive gels for the Biodrier will last for approximately a month at a time. The gels are made from natural sources and are chemical-free. The Biodrier gel blocks perform three functions in one: 1. Adding the blocks to the unit will moisturise the user’s hands during use. 2. The blocks provide a sanitizer for the user and the Biodrier unit. 3. The blocks provide a fragrant ocean breeze aroma within the washroom. Biodrier_Gels_1
  • What Is A HEPA Filter?

    HEPA = High-Efficiency Particulate Air HEPA filters work by forcing air through a fine mesh which traps harmful particles. They are used in a huge range of applications from filtering the recirculated air in planes to protecting doctors working with contagious patients. HEPA filters are a great help to anyone suffering with allergies or asthma as they filter pollen, smoke, dust mites etc. and are regularly found in appliances around the home. We use HEPA filters in our hand dryers because they filter bacteria and viruses from the air which is then used to dry your hands, ensuring your hands stay clean and hygienic. The Anti Bacterial Filter is fitted to ensure dust and airborne bacteria is restricted from entering the internal components and airflow of the dryer. The filter should be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on usage

    Biodrier Anti Bacterial HEPA Filter

    The Anti Bacterial Filter is fitted to ensure dust and airborne bacteria is restricted from entering the internal components and airflow of the dryer. The filter should be replaced after 50,000 uses. This will be indicated by a flashing red light on the front of the unit. Biodrier_GWave_Filter
  • Item Category Performance
    Operating voltage 220–240 Vac, 50-60Hz, 700-1200 watts
    Air speed 150 m/s @ 1200 watts
    Motor type 35000 rpm, 2 speed adjustable motor
    Rating power 1200 watts
    Drying time Under 10 seconds
    Circuit operation Infrared automatic, self adjusting
    Timing protection 20 seconds auto shut off
    Drip proof IP33
    Isolation Class II
    Water tank LED indicator when tank is full
    Filter Sensor LED indicator when filter is full
    Filter Grade 13 HEPA filter
    Air freshener Organic ocean breeze fragrance
    Net weight 6kg
    Shipping weight 7kg
    Unit size W 266 x H 510 x D 175mm
    Finish Fireproof ABS, 94V-0, PC, PMMA, UV Coated
    Decibel rating 58-80 dba @ 1 mtr
    Approvals GS, CE, WEEE, ETL Greenspec-logo
    Packaging Box Dimensions: H 270 x L 590 x D 355mm Biodrier GWave box - 3D-01
  • Biodrier_GWave_Colours Biodrier GWave Manual Biodrier GWave Leaflet Biodrier GWave Images Full Biodrier Brochure
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